Introducing Dealspotr

At ZipfWorks, our goal is to develop digital shopping services that put people at the center of the shopping experience. The world of commerce is transitioning from a hierarchical one in which global mega-brands control product, distribution, marketing, and pricing to a flattened, democratized world in which consumers hold the power. Today, shopping is less about billboards and Superbowl ads and more about people, conversation, influence, and community. We follow bloggers and Instagrammers, research on Google, and ping our friends on Facebook to determine what and how we buy. As a company, we believe the future lies in social commerce, where community drives shopping, and influencers build awareness - and Dealspotr is our new expression of this vision applied to the world of discounts and couponing.

Since Coca-Cola introduced the world's first coupon in 1887, couponing has become a centerpiece of American consumer culture. Companies use coupons to liquidate inventories and segment customers, and thrifty shoppers love the feeling of getting a great deal, or better yet, getting something for free. While couponing has exploded in popularity, it has also become infinitely more complicated. Complex stacking strategies, byzantine coupon exceptions, expiring promo codes, and fleeting flash sales make coupons increasingly lucrative but all the more elusive.

How could we make couponing easier for the average shopper? We believed if we could create a space where shoppers could easily connect with knowledgeable couponers to gain tips, knowledge, and advice on how to find the best deal on what they need, when they needed it, we could go a long way towards making couponing more accessible for more people.

We designed Dealspotr with this goal in mind: to connect shoppers (people looking for products) with couponers (people who understand the nitty gritty of how to save). We believe that by applying our expertise in product design and engineering we could build something new, innovative, and useful for the couponing world. While we're still in the early stages, we think we have a great start. In fact, we think through our crowdsourcing efforts so far, we've already created the world's most accurate and comprehensive database of deals.

What is Dealspotr, and where are we headed?

Your social feed for deals. Facebook is our feed for friends, Instagram is our feed for images, Pinterest is our feed for inspiration, and now Dealspotr is your feed for deals. Dealspotr is a social network at its core, but tailored for shopping, coupons, and saving money. Your feed is customized based on the brands you follow and the couponers you connect with. You'll always get a fresh view of today's best savings opportunities based on what other couponers say.

A new way to earn rewards. Dealspotr is built on a rewards system that pays our members for contributing to our site. While most cash-back and rewards programs require you to buy something, we're doing something different: on Dealspotr you earn rewards in the form of gift cards at popular retailers, just for sharing deals and helping others save. We know our members are our most valuable asset, and we think its only right to compensate you for helping us make Dealspotr great.

Powerful search tool. Finding a deal when you need it is a pain, and we want to make that easier. We're building a powerful search tool that will make it easy to find a coupon for anything, anytime. Stay tuned for more on this.

Currently, we're conducting user tests and gathering feedback from influencers in the couponing community. We're also selecting a few people to serve as social influencers for Dealspotr - help us get the word out about Dealspotr and earn plenty of great perks - if you're interested in this program, please apply here.

So, back to work for us (there is much to do). In the meantime, we hope you visit and give it a test spin. Send us any feedback you have to